Book Review: The Osiris Contingency by Virginia Soenksen

Publishing Date: April 2019

Publisher: Sunbury Press

ISBN: 9781620061756

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.2/5

Publisher’s Description: Liane, an Agent gone rogue and on the run from her former masters. Having barely survived the last attack by the Agency and still grappling with the truths she learned about the Titan Strain, Liane vows to destroy those who turned her into an inhuman killer. But that means outsmarting and outrunning Damian, her former Handler, who wants his Agent back at any cost. Liane isn’t the only one fighting against the Agency, however, and soon she is drawn into a secret war brewing between assassins and mods.

Review: Well, this wasn’t terrible but……it did lack depth on a few fronts that rendered the novel passable.

The most limiting factor of this installment was the lack of character development. I know the author tried to build a little humanity into Liane with quirky smiles and a budding love interest but failed to pull off anything believable. There is something about maintaining a sterile persona when you’re an agency built killer as it gives the reader something to hope for and gains the character some personal separation for the acts that must ensue.  If the hints at humanity are brief and well placed you gain so much more depth than say, turning a killer into a love-sick strumpet.

Secondly, the story line is not new as the author would lead you to believe. There is nothing new under the sun here and added to what is fairly pedantic writing is the synthesis of every made-for-movie espionage novel. Just adding in “mods” or serums does not a creative novel make.

The ending is what you expect for a series to continue along in the same vein. I think this author needs to take an innate talent and risk herself on the creative side in order to realize the depth hoped for.

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