Book Review: Converging Paths of Cerzia by R.W. Stanley


Publishing Date: February 2019

Publisher: Dog Ear

ISBN: 9781457565922

Genre: SciFi

Rating: DNF

Publisher’s Description: Earth is dying, but a lush, beautiful world discovered at the edge of human space could be the key to its survival. The World Council has begun a massive project to build a ship that can make the journey, even though the planet has a flaw: it defies most of the known laws of science.

Review: I really gave this the ol’ college try but it was relentless in patterned smugness in the form of familial banter. Tousling hair of speshul super smart kiddies while entertaining their antics was a constant theme. Add in the cutsey smugly perfect family crap and a space ship crew that is more family than work mates, and there you go. Don’t forget super Captain Alec whom everyone swears undying loyalty to and a hot but deadly Venusian rich gurl that has some strange interactions (banter) with her sister.

Fukof book.

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