Book Review: Cinders On The Wind by Louis Emery

Publishing Date: May 2019

Publisher: Unfurled Scrolls


Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher’s Description: A strong-willed young woman prophesizes the future, triggers fiery telekinetic abilities, and discovers she holds immense power. A Kingsguard with past demons must protect this young Seer on a perilous journey, difficult for him to accept, but soon he risks everything for this woman who resembles the sister he lost. The Royal Asker for King Greenvale uses her sorcery investigating the murders of island lords. Can she find the perpetrator before she or the king is the next victim? A Cylarnti warrior leads soldiers on a volcanic island in the midst of rebellion. A conspiracy is taking place and the clock is ticking for him to unmask it. Who these four trust and who they fear are as unknown as the outcome of war. They must fight to vanquish the enemy in the shadows and on the wind.

Review: There were quite a few story lines that were carried by various characters, showcasing their unique perspectives in a world filled with medieval war. Throw in a speshul seer, a couple of dragons, a handful of wizards and some giant bears and the stage is set for a fantasy ride that is grounded in the arcane.

To say there was war is understating the approach. The kingdom of Greenvale is beset by war on multiple fronts and within the rebellious in-holdings lies another kingdom seeking to destabilize the regime, prior to invasion. There are savages in the woods that would sooner kill you than make you a slave with scrofulous indigents to ply their sickly mores upon your wasted frame. Hey, that was pretty good.

The only problem(s) I had with this novel was the use of descriptors that did not fit the period.  For instance, Malcom gazes up at the night sky, describing or rather internalizing what he sees in emotive vein. As he looks upon the stars he reflects…“Others, distant galaxies emanating from afar.” Now how does a knight that lives in a world that parallels our development in and around the 1100’s know anything about galaxies? The misplacement of verbiage, mainly descriptors used by the characters is scattered about the novel. “Evolution, Testosterone, Psychic, Graffiti and Anthropomorphic:” round out the list of “Not to use”.

I think there is more to come and would like to see where this all goes.

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