Book Review: The Legend of Diablo by V.S. McGrath


Publishing Date: September 2019

Publisher: Brain Mill Press

ISBN:  9781948559362

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher’s Description: Hell’s not so scary when you’ve been there twice already…It’s been three years since she lost her sister, Abby, to the Division, and Hettie Alabama has gone rogue. Roaming the West with an outlaw posse, robbing banks and stealing magic, she’s broken every rule she once believed in. Nothing matters anymore but finding Abby. Meanwhile, the world is on fire. Hungry for power, the Division leaches magic from the vulnerable, with dire consequences that set Hettie’s pursuit of her sister on a collision course with dangerous monsters and even more dangerous men. It’s up to Hettie and her cursed revolver, Diablo, to find a way to save the world—or end it.

Review: Yowsa, that cover art………….

Vicki So, an asian writing western fantasy. Whoda thunk it? And good fantasy too. She even got her shjt together on the firearms end of things this go around. I notice she did not thank me for pointing out all the gun fails in her prior work i.e. no check was sent.  She does keep it simpler in terms of the “bang-bang!” aspects of this novel to reduce unintended mistakes.

Hettie is back, more ornery and older than ever with a musky man-hunk trailing after her grim visage. I like that she can kick him to the curb in favor of higher interests which releases the story line a bit from the usual romantic tropes. But don’t hold your breath that romance is a fleeting thing in this novel.

The supporting characters, as usual, are built better than Anne Margret. The only down side was that the story line tended to wander a bit due to the world building growing a bit out of control. This “ballooning” of worlds was not expected and did not fit the theme of the series. Still, high stars for a work built from a romance writers perspective.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Legend of Diablo by V.S. McGrath

  1. Agree on cover art- smashing!!!
    Also, this sounds interesting enough.. hmm, hmm.. maybe in the future 🙂

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