Book Review: Eridani’s Crown by by Alex Shvartsman


Publishing Date: October 2019

Publisher: UFO Publishing

ISBN: 9780999269015

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.4/5

Publisher’s Description: When Eridani’s parents are murdered and their kingdom is seized by a traitorous duke, she plans to run. After she suffers yet another unendurable loss, the lure of revenge pulls her back. Eridani’s brilliance as a strategist offers her a path to vengeance and the throne, but success may mean becoming everything she hates. To survive, she must sway religious zealots, outwit ambitious politicians, and confront bloodthirsty warlords, all with few allies and fewer resources. Yet the most menacing obstacle she must overcome is the prophecy uttered by a powerful sorceress:

Review: With a many years spanning this novel, Eridani unfolds as more of an enigma in characterization rather than one spawned from influences that derive a logical outcome. Everything that develops within the body of the novel is sustained through personal choice(s) that leaves the reader saying in most instances “WTF are you doing?”.

The pivotal events and subsequent choices made by Eridani are manufactured as a means of acquiring what she desires in expedient fashion. Through doing what she originally abhorred in others….conquering and killing. Am I buying her sudden lack of awareness that she carried around like a shield in her formative years? Not really. Especially when the foundation of her persona is a distinct lack of trust in anyone to the point she sacrifices her closest friends and confidants. This ruthlessness is anathema to the young adult we experienced in her early stages. Yes, people change as I have seen the lows attain great heights and the greats diminish in turn. What is burned into the psyche is that Eridani is good deep within and no amount of external justification can change that.  Hence the enigma.

Is Eridani palatable as a character? Sure. Is she believable? Meh. Did I enjoy reading about her exploits. Oh yeah. Could the supporting characters have been expanded upon. Definitely. Will I buy the next in the series? For sure.

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