Book Review: The Kings Guard by Emmet Moss

Publishing Date: December 2019

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.2/5

Publisher’s Description: Mercenary companies loyal to the old ways race to defend one of the last bastions of freedom in the South. In the capable hands of its ardent commander, one city prepares for the decisive battle that will shape the future of Kal Maran. New allies have joined the cause, but can they turn the tide?

Review: This novel has all the players that you loved in the first run, only they are weighted down with very slow reveals, long-winded exchanges, excessive scene descriptions, unnecessary story lines and prolonged back stories. The battles are also drawn out and fail to mirror the first novels insightful impact.  I am not sure why Danys Ford was relevant. She seemed like an afterthought that was written to balance out the male heavy cast. She is so giving and perfect that if you’re not puking rainbows you still might be shjtting pixie spooge.

Silveron is still morose as ever and longs for Danys, which is confusing in itself. The only group worth following is Leoric’s crew. At least they embrace the movement in quest like fashion and garner something worthwhile. If this is the setup for the final novel in the trilogy, then a whole heck of a lot of disparate things need to come together in order to defeat the enemy.

A filler novel that sets up the grande finale? Maybe, but still a good read as the author wends and weaves a story line in expert fashion. I just got lost somewhere between the battle of Delfwane and the Dwarves of Aleron.

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