Book Review: Caliban’s War (The Expanse #2) by James S.A. Corey

Publishing Date: 2012

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 3.4/5

Review: Continuing on in great space operatic fashion, our hero(s) from the first Expanse novel return along with some interesting and not-so interesting character additions.

First, the story-line is expertly constructed to allow for character growth, especially dipshjt, er, Holden. He is intentionally flawed to allow for lapses in judgment and subsequent revival sans bouts of self-recrimination leading up to absolution. In short, he’s a fukhead with a boner whom acts rashly without consideration of the consequences. But he grows on you after awhile like a bot fly larvae burrowed under your skin in an unreachable place.

One of the most intricately built characters I have had the pleasure of reading is Avasarala. At once funny in the invective and intensely machinating in all things political. A chess master that seeks vengeance in the company of systemic peace. Adroitly written, and I miss her presence now that I have finished.

Prax. Fug me balls off, this guy was a real wanker. His POV allowance should be rescinded as he added nothing to the novel other than whiney commentary and weak plot justification with a little deus ex thrown in. “Wah, my daughter is lost and probably dead….”. “Oh gee, we have all this donated money to search for her since we got fired from Tycho station…..”. Since Spock has a job on the Enterprise, what would the Rocinante be without Prax? Why the crew reaches for this douche to substantiate a system search is beyond me. Really, the novel could have moved forward without him.

Great series so far that may be trending off my radar if this patterned silliness becomes too entrenched.  My only question is, “who the fuck is Caliban?”. Perhaps I missed the referent….. And don’t tell me as I feel far too superior in my suppositions to be corrected.

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