Book Review: Battlemage (The Age of Darkness Trilogy #1) by Stephen Aryan


Publishing Date: 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.4/5

Review: That cover art is crap, period.

Our list of characters are few and I like that. Much easier to follow the story line without muddling it up with inventive names. Balfruss is a Battlemage. Vargus is a soldier. Talandra, a spy-princess. What they all have in common, besides fighting for their Kingdom, is loads of honor and impeccable virtue. Ho Hum.

Princess Talandra is a lesbian (of course) and a devious spymaster. She wends her way through the story line compromising the enemy in desperate fashion. As characters go, she is the least interesting and the most irritating with all of her “Kingdom before self”-isms. This constant virtuosity just wears you the fuck down. Initially, Balfruss is a bit of a douche and comes off quite the elitist with a side of high brow thrown in (he just gives and gives you know). Even Prince Charming couldn’t lift his dick. Yet he evolves as a character as the movement crescendos. Vargus made this novel a real delight. Exacting vengeance for a township wronged by bandits right from the start, he continues to kick-ass while being grounded in good sense and fair play. A complex character that hints of an ancient life of conflict.

The sword forged from a meteorite never makes an impact in the story line, which was odd since there was some time spent yapping about it. The novel is well written and the story line, engaging. I plan to follow through to the next in: “Bloodmage”.

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