Book Review: Bloodmage (The Age of Darkness Trilogy #2) by Stephen Aryan


Publishing Date:

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2.9/5

Review: Again with the bad cover art.

This installment resides in the same world, during the same period with different characters other than a few. Talandra is back in a supporting role along with Vargus. If you are into Palace intrigue, spies and the brutal underbelly of a city, then this is for you. There are still battles yet they take on a personal edge as our heroes are at the forefront of most.

I was entertained despite a lot of truncated scenes. This “Bam!, Boof! we are done and everything is resolved, so let’s move on” type of writing leaves much to be desired. Like poignancy’s gift to a well developed story line. Did I care about Fray, Munroe or Goraxx? Not really. As main characters they never developed to the point where their loss might affect your ability to buy the next in the series. They were just average in development and shallow in depth. Even Choss, whom was the pivot point for most of the action, was not to be missed should he catch a fatal steel bolt through an eye.

Lack of character development, when there is plenty of movement, usually spells disaster for most novels as there really is no excuse to not imbibe them with depth. Sacrificing characterization for the sake of raw entertainment renders the story line mundane. Mathew Riley’s novels encompass the same ideals and always leave you a little empty.

Let us hope that Chaosmage pumps the brakes a bit and allows for depth to be built.


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