Book Review: Chaosmage (The Age of Darkness Trilogy #3) by Stephen Aryan


Publishing Date: 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.4/5

Review: Ooooh, zombies.

This series did not follow a set of stories based on one theme with a grande culmination at the end. This was the same world both spatially and temporally but with a new story and characters each time. There are still some characters from other novels that take a back seat in this installment. For a finale’ this was pretty good.

What is not to like? Medieval zombies created from a parasite and manipulated by magic to become something sinister. Flesh mages that burn the life out of people and assume their identities while creating emotional havoc and feeding on the outbursts of anger/lust/hate. Wow. Also, Finn’s sword makes an appearance (yay!).

I am going to hope that this world continues with Balfruss…..someday.

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