Book Review: The Fall of Dragons (The Traitor Son Cycle #5)

Publishing Date: 2017

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4.1/5

Review: This was a good ending to a very well built series. Although the novels veer from the more mercenary aspects into the magical, there is plenty of movement and quests to keep you entertained without the overuse of a plot vehicle.

This series is built for and about characterization which drives a novel or series to success. What is astounding is that most of the characters are likable even when evil and the ones that suck, either leave at an appropriate time (Amicia) or plague the novel with their dipshitted-ness (Desiderata/Blanche).

Because this novel is so steeped in character, that is really the only way to rate it…based on the play of characters. Besides the aforementioned draggers-down-of-novels, the main baddie is just not believable. An almost immortal being is that myopically selfish in just about every instance, is a tough sell. Lot is just enough to be useless but manages to limp along in the story-line bringing almost nothing to the table. And yet good characters like Gabriel’s brother are cast aside, after having built them through successive trials. That’s war for you.

Overall the series is a solid 4 on characterization and movement while the magic comes in 3-ish.



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